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HodgePodge Essentials is a small business that creates handmade cold process and hot process soaps; glycerin soaps; handmade lotions, body butters and scrubs.


Why Handmade vs. Store Bought Soap?


Ingredients is key! HodgePodge's handmade soaps are made from high quality products that moisturize, nourish, and protect your skin.  Commercial store bought soaps are mass produced and include products that do not promote skin health. Handmade soaps are naturally glycerin rich which naturally softens skin. Store bought soaps remove the natural glycerin.

Many store bought soaps incorporate synthetic detergents and sulfates in their soaps.  These harsh detergent soap bars strips moisture from skin and leaves it dry.  HodgePodge Essential's handmade soaps are gentle, natural, and clean your skin without drying it out.


Coconut  Creme


Cotton Candy Soap


Passion Fruit Body Butter


All Lotions $12.00


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